Application for any available Tracking Manager , Control room ,Security Escort

Resume posted by werner in Security.
Desired salary: $16,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Kempton Park Gauteng, South Africa

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Application for any available vacancy

I would like to apply for any available vacancy, I am currently employed as a call assist and tracking Manager, I am a confident exceptionally organized person and deal with conflict very well, I approach my work in a proud manner.

Currently working within a very busy office and managing a team of 5 employee’s reporting directly to me, I have lots of experience in different fields and pay great attention to detail in my work and enjoy making sure that I completed my daily tasks.

I feel that I have excellent communication and listening skills and enjoy working on my own, but perform well as part of a team as well. I am deadline driven and have a good relationship with all my co-workers.

I have enclosed my CV detailing my skills and expertise should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact.

I look forward hearing from you

Your sincerely

Werner A Viljoen


Professional Memberships

Registered with Security Industry Authority

(Grade A/B/C/D/E) (Armed Response) (Cash in transit)

Reg No:   1920612 PSIRA Certificate

Fire arm license                                     hand gun, shot gun private, business

Current Studies:                                          Intec College (Matric)

Student Number:                                        71211008


Computer Literacy

Institute:                                                         D.C. S – De Compu School

Subjects:                                                       Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, Email (Outlook) (Gmail), Internet




Nature of Business:                           Tracking and Investigations Unit, Recovery, Car Rental, Breakdowns.

Date of Employment:        October 2010

Position:                           Tracking Manager and Investigations, Recovery Unit


Key Activities:


Duties: Tracking of vehicles in and out of South Africa, into neighbouring countries, checking on

Violations such as speeding, reckless and negligent driving, when a vehicle goes across any

Any borders into other countries I have to verify all the clients’ documents and see if he did

Request permission from the company to go across, if not the country he is crossing the

Border post must be informed and instructed not to allow the vehicle across, vehicle will

Be monitored on Live Track via satellite, and if the client does not return with the vehicle,

I then send out the Recovery Unit or go out myself if instructed by management.


Internal investigation: Do ITC checks on clients, do Code 10 with the banks verify owner

Information on credit cards and master cads, verify passports and drivers

Licence’s and also Temporary licence’s with the I.D books. Etc


Promoted to Head of Tracking/Fitment/Breakdowns 2016 Reporting Staff Members 5

  •  Monitor the night time driving
  •  Updating daily fleet
  •  Handling C-track, Life Track, EWCOP, NETSTAR systems.
  •  Processing the de-installation of the fleet for new fitment
  •  All administrating duties, Tracking, Accidents, Fitment, Recovery Etc.
  •  Assisting with new breakdowns
  •  Open ticket for refunds
  •  Ordering units
  •  Verifying all unit before release to insure thy are updating
  •  Maintaining system to reconcile that all new units are loaded.
  •  Following up to insure all accidents files and reports are completed
  •  Cross referencing the fleet on a manual system to insure the fleet are protected
  •  Monitoring fitment
  •  Overdue recover if needed
  •  Soft log SIM cards
  •  Processing of over time
  •  Processing of dep’t work rosters
  • Break downs
  • Customer serves



  • National Tracking Manager
  • Recovery Agent
  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • General administration
  • Customer Serves
  • Report analyst
  • Armed Response
  • Dispatch
  • Store Keeping
  • Knowledge all tracking systems
  • Call center


    Team Manager

Spoken Languages

    English Afrikaans

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