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18 Jun 2022

PermanentJob for Experienced Operations Executive Logistics Needed

Black Tie Recruit – Posted by JobLink24 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Job Description

Job for Experienced Operations Executive Logistics Needed

Place/Location: Johannesburg
Job Salary: Market Related
Type of the Job: Permanent
Company/Employer: Black Tie Recruit
Post Title: Job for Experienced Operations Executive Logistics Needed

Vacancy Details


Incumbent Job Title

1ST Level Supervisor Job Title

2ND Level Supervisor Job Title

Operations Executive

Managing Director


Key Performance Area(s)

Key Performance Indicators

Process Management

Manage the processes for:

  • Operational Execution.
  • Division Budgets.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Insurance, Risk and Compliance.
  • New Business Development.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Operational Execution
  • Specialize in warehousing, and oversee all operational activities:
  • Project Cargo.
  • Explore different solutions:
  • Diesel – Contracts with fuel.
  • COD model.
  • Wash bays at strategic locations.
  • Internal and external interaction with relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop and maintain customer and supplier relationships.
  • Monitor production and take corrective action to ensure productivity targets are met.
  • Drive operational efficiencies.
  • Shipping Schedule.
  • Review standard operating procedures.
  • Manager customer complaints.
  • Generate Order quotations against Monthly Cost models.
  • Monitor Whatsapp Groups to ensure constant communication.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Housekeeping
  • Ensure all housekeeping standards are adhered to:
  • All cargo must be properly stacked/stored.
  • All cargo must have clearly identified with marks and numbers.
  • Cargo must be separated, and the area between cargoes must always be kept clean.
  • Separation barriers need to be placed where needed.
  • Equipment needs to be placed neatly in a secured area.
  • Tools to be handled with necessary care and caution.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Reporting
  • Present monthly operational report to the Opco.
  • Present monthly strategic revie at the Exco.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Budget
  • Manage fuel usage for all equipment and company vehicles.
  • Diesel Utilization Report across all divisions.
  • Completed Logbooks for all company vehicles.
  • Ensure weekly/monthly stock take for all consumables/inventory.
  • Ensure Inventory is updated on the Inventory/stock report.
  • Oversee running cost.
  • Scrutinize monthly expense packs against the budget.
  • All division heads must be held accountable for their own budgets.
  • Manage the spend on Data top-up for operational staff.
  • Manage the spend across all divisions.
  • Sign off all payment requisitions.
  • Manage Cost across all divisions.
  • Explore all saving opportunities against budget.
  • Manage all straps and ratches purchased for sales.
  • Asset Register.
  • Constant engagement with the finance department to understand the cash flow.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Staff
  • Manage all division heads.
  • Drive operational efficiencies and productivity.
  • Ensure correct operational staff structures are in place across all divisions.
  • Develop and motivate staff.
  • Provide Leadership to all staff.
  • Monitor activities and performance of staff.
  • Training, development, and mentorship.
  • Ensure all staff have updated signed contracts and job descriptions.
  • Implement KPA/KPI’s for all division heads.
  • Effective timekeeping – all divisions must comply to ERS BIO time and attendance.
  • Ensure all Division Heads sign off on the time sheets for wage workers before submitting to Finance.
  • Ensure Division Heads are managed effectively and are production driven.
  • Constant engagement with the Union where required.
  • Provide input with IR management where required.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Equipment
  • Explore cost saving initiatives.
  • Review contracts on all equipment.
  • Explore settlement on equipment to save monthly cost.
  • All yellow equipment must be updated on the asset register.
  • Manage machine hours on the monthly Diesel utilization report.
  • Monitor fuel consumption and drive efficiency.
  • Ensure all equipment has maintenance contracts in place.
  • Maintain Equipment maintenance schedules.
  • Ensure correct equipment for the applicable applications.
  • Ensure all equipment has the relative insurance cover.
  • Ensure effective management of equipment in 3rd party facilities
  • Minimize the risk of damage/loss/theft.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Health, Safety and Compliance
  • Oversee all activities to ensure relevant compliance:
  • Ensure compliance forms part of the SLA.
  • Ensure Health and safety meetings are held in accordance to compliance regulations.
  • Occupational compliance.
  • Drive ISO implementation.
  • ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.
  • Risk and compliance.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Branding
  • Ensure details on all email signatures are correct and in the correct templates.
  • Standardize company signage across all divisions.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Partners
  • Engage in partnership discussions with strategic partners
  • Read and understand supplier contracts.
  • STC’s.
  • SLA’s.
  • Read and understand MLA documents
  • STC’s.
  • SLA’.
  • Key Performance Area(s)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • New Business
  • Explore potential customers
  • Due Diligence.
  • Understand Cash flow.
  • Understand the risk.
  • High risk business.
  • Ensure all relevant documentation is completed before starting a new project.
  • Explore new solutions to reach existing markets.
  • Develop customer book for Cato Ridge.
  • Develop and maintain Customer Relationships.
  • Face to Face engagement.
  • Understand the needs of the customer and be able to respond effectively with a plan.
  • Have a sound understanding of the company’s, products, and services
  • Build/Maintain personal relationships with personal contacts.
  • “People we know”.
  • Develop and maintain existing relationships, continue tapping into them.


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