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23 Nov 2020

Permanent Consultant job Vacancy at Standard Bank

Standard Bank – Posted by JobLink24 Limpopo, South Africa

Job Description

Consultant job Vacancy at Standard Bank

Job Type: Banking

Job ID: 52095

Company: Standard Bank

Country: South Africa

Location: Polokwane Square

Province: Limpopo

 Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Determine customer demand

  • Engaging with walk-in customers in order to understand what matters to the customer (i.e. determine the what, why, when, where and how) and delivers against those demands.
  • Identifying authenticity of the customer (where required) in order to prevent disclosure of information to unauthorized persons (e.g., knows how to identify the customer).
  • To take ownership of every-cash demand and provides the customer with an immediate response (depending on the nature of the demand) or facilitates the completion of the customer demand.
  • Understanding the risks associated with the handling of cash related demands (e.g., follows effective controls to minimize risk).
  • To deal with general customer enquiries (as and when necessary) ranging from product questions to customer account activities (e.g., statements, debit order information, etc.)

Deliver on customer demand: telling / bulk cash

  • To ensure that all items cashed are within laid-down limits and refers all transactions exceeding limits to the appropriate area for authorisation.
  • Accepts cash deposits in canisters and stop-loss bags from cash guards, following laid-down instructions regarding receipt and handling of canisters as well as acceptance of deposits (these functions are performed under CCTV surveillance).
  • To pay out bulk cash orders and float requisitions, prepared according to customer specifications.
  • To ensure that items cashed are technically correct and signed, according to laid-down instructions.
  • Adhering to all laid-down policies and procedures regarding the handling, locking away and security of cash.
  • Attending to value transactions.
  • To assist with cash transactions captured by employees that does not operate tills.
  • Attending to cheque encashments, PlusPlan withdrawals, cheque and/or cash deposits, bulk deposits, cash payroll cheques, etc. in line with laid-down procedures.
  • Attending to requests for change transactions.
  • To ensure that cheques included in deposits are checked in terms of Duty of Care obligations.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Automated Note Acceptor (ANA) terminals

  • To controls ATM keys according to laid-down procedures.
  • Adhering to laid-down procedures regarding the control, movement and take-over of cash.
  • Undertaking ATM / ANA contingency procedures.
  • To replenish ATM / ANA cash according to laid-down procedures.
  • To ensure that the canisters hold sufficient cash for weekends and public holidays.
  • To monitor cash levels and clears / orders cash to ensure holdings are sufficient to meet business needs and fall within prescribed limits at all times.
  • To balance the cash in ATM / ANA on a bi-weekly basis.
  • To complete and balances ATM / ANA cash specification.
  • To release cash paid out figures.
  • Loads good quality notes in the ATM machines in accordance with the South African Reserve Bank [SARB ] minimum requirement.
  • Conducting daily maintenance on the ATM / ANA machines:
  • To ensure ATM / ANA machines are clear of cash jams and retained cards to increase uptime, as and when required.
  • To replenish ATM / ANA stationery.
  • To ensure maximum up-time by reporting systems or technical problems to ATM Control immediately and follows up in need to ensure that corrective action is taken.
  • To ensure that the print on transaction records is legible for all ATM / ANA machines.
  • To ensure that all ATM / ANA machines are kept clean externally and internally at all times.
  • To clear retained cards from ATMs and follows laid-down instructions accordingly (e.g., ascertains the reasons for cards being retained and takes corrective action; destroys cards).
  • To replenish ATM stationery.
  • To ensure that the print on transaction records is legible for all ATM terminals.
  • To ensure that all ATM terminals are kept clean externally and internally at all times.
  • To files ATM computer reports.

Identify demand generation opportunities

In conversing with walk-in customers, identify demand generation opportunities:

  • To complete lead generation tracking forms as and when required. Ensures that all leads are logged correctly in the presence of the customer and identifies demand generation opportunities.
  • To participates in specific campaigns and marketing activities as required.
  • Proactively promotes the use of multiple channels to customers including mobile banking, internet banking and other non-branch channels.
  • To accurately captures updates or amends customer information and history notes.

Complete daily routine in the branch

  • To sort waste (completed transaction documents) into sequences in line with laid-down procedures.
  • Placing waste into the correct receptacles on completion of each transaction.
  • Adhering to all duty of care requirements as per branch operating procedures. This is measured by means of the error rates as well as differences in teller cash and operational losses
  • To ensures maximum up-time by reporting systems or technical problems to ATM

control immediately in order to ensure that corrective action is taken.

  • Attending to telephone calls, email messages and customer enquiries.
  • Reading circulars and fan-outs daily.
  • Updating the post-dated cheques register on a daily basis.
  • To actions daily reports as necessary.

Information collation and analysis

  • You will be continuously assessing what matters to the customer against the ability of processes and systems to meet the customers demand, in order to make recommendations to the In-Work Lead to act on the system.
  • To collates information on value, variation and failure in the system whilst executing work processes, in order to contribute to development of management information for the department.
  • You will be analyzing data and information in order to develop and apply self-correcting action where applicable, to enable constant fulfillment of customer demand.
  • Facilitates group meetings when required to contribute to collective learning and growth for individuals and teams.
  • Updates capability charts and MIS in order to maintain an accurate database to assist leaders who are required to act on the system.

Successful delivery of outputs would be measured as follows

  • Customer satisfaction rating.
  • Minimized customer hand offs.
  • Customer demand perfectly delivered without any ‘comebacks’.
  • Endeavour to do only value work – as gauged by the Team Leader.
  • Meet what matters to the customer (within laid-down policies and procedures).
  • Improvement on capability of response.
  • Highlighting and acting on areas of improvement.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • You must have completed secondary school/high school/A levels/Matric
  • You must have experience of working in 3 – 4 previous branches banking, understanding the bank’s laid-down policies and procedures related to telling / frontline support; foreign exchange; bulk cash and ATMs.
  • You must be familiar with the legal aspects regarding cheques and cash handling. Knowledge of the functions of other departments within the branch.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Customer Acceptance and Review
  • Banking Process and Procedures
  • Heart of Customer Experience
  • Client Retention
  • Customer Understanding
  • Product Knowledge
  • Application and Submission Verification
  • Processing



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